Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Making, making, making... a right Royal week

Well, another weekend event over and done with, and despite me saying "this will be a 100% making day" I've found myself thinking of everything but the jewellery and browsing through Folksy instead (always a fave pasttime!)

But I realise since the shift from a facebook account to a business page all this blog has on it is the competition entry post, so here's a 'proper' one! And you guessed it, it's a Right Royal blog entry :)

It's wedding fever! Everywhere you go in the run up to the Royal Wedding there's a red white and blue flag... we can't get enough of it! From postcards, to sandwich shop signs, right through to good old bunting and keychains, we love it.... What a better excuse for a good ol' knees up and crafty shopping.

For anybody who wants to celebrate in true Royal style this Friday, here's a pick of some of my Folksy favourites to get you in the mood :)

Click on the pictures to be taken to the seller's Folksy page :)

So many beautiful things to look at.... really must get on with the making! Have a lovely day celebrating, and good luck to any fellow crafters who are taking part in events over the weekend.

Off for a [royal] cup of tea!

Jem x



Carrie said...

Aw Jemma :-) thanks so much for putting my necklace in your lovely blog x I know how busy you are - most appreciated and good luck with your craft fair, not that you'll need it ;-) Carrie xxx

Bertie_K said...

Looking forward to collecting some more of your pieces :-) xx

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